Public speaking? Oh hell no!!!

Written by srarden on November 24, 2013

Been a busy week. As an anti-social person, it actually takes effort to remember that I need to post what I’m doing.  Let’s get to it.

This past week, I gave a presentation at WordPressKC (I’m going to assume that you can figure out what that is, or Google it if you don’t).  I don’t have a huge fear of speaking in public, but I do get nervous, and it’s been quite a while since I have done that.  Here are some observations:

  • WordPressKC has a wide range of tech knowledge, and while I know more than some, there are some wicked smart people in it.
  • At least at WordPressKC, be prepared for questions, and try to think ahead on things you should be able to answer – like “What’s the biggest problem you ran into?”.  Simple things, but without prep you end up sounding like an idiot.
  • Sometimes these things end up being a co-learning moment – you may be showing someone how you did something while at the same time learning how someone else does it.
  • DO IT!  Get out of your comfort zone, share your knowledge, and don’t worry about falling flat on your face.  Easier said than done, but try.

It went both better and worse than I had hoped.  Better in that the crowd were great, there was a lot of back and forth with them, and I spent 45 minutes up there, but it didn’t seem like any time at all. Worse in that I should have been better prepared.  But it was a great learning experience and I hope to do it again.

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