What to do, what to do????

Written by srarden on November 24, 2013

Okay, so here’s the plan on what I’m going to be spending the next year doing.  I’m going to be concentrating on 3 areas for professional development.

  • Tools / Workflow
  • Javascript
  • WordPress (PHP)

I’ve already started on the tools/workflow.  A good developer has for years now needed to be able to use a version control system.  I do use Subversion at work, but it really isn’t used for all the features it could provide – it’s mainly just a place to store our code and prevent one person overwriting another person’s changes.  Important, but not the full power of version control.

So, if I know that I need to increase my usage of a version control system, and more fully utilize its features, what should I do?  Should I keep using Subversion but expand how I use it?  Or try something else?

Given that all the cool kids use Git, maybe I should?  And if I’m using Git, should I follow all the cool kids and use Github?  What about private repositories for client code?

After doing some investigating, I’ve decided that using Git and Github is almost unavoidable anyway, so I will be learning and using them.  I could also store my private repositories there, but I’m still not sure what other tools I might need to purchase or subscribe to, so I don’t want to start loading up on monthly fees yet.  So for private repositories, I’m going to be using Bitbucket.

Also, I will be using Sublime Text 2, but will be keeping NetBeans as an alternative.  I would like to try a more full-fledged IDE at some point, and NetBeans is free and can handle PHP.  I’m more comfortable in the text-editor-on-steroids environment, but need to see how the other half live.

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