My name is Scott Rarden. I’ve been a web designer / developer since the early 2000s (table layouts, marquee tags, and all). I still do that a fair bit but am now involved in Business Analytics and Intelligence using Power BI and a fair number of the other Power Platform products from Microsoft. More information on my freelance services below. Oh, and I’m a bit sarcastic, snarky, and think I have a sense of humor. If that sends you into a fury, don’t hire me. If you aren’t sure, read the Privacy Policy page to get an indication of what you are in for. If you still want to hire me after that, we might be a good fit.

Need a book edited? You should talk to my wife at Stormy Edits – she’s great at that! She offers proofreading, line editing, and final read-throughs of your book to help take your work to be a polished, ready to publish novel, whether for sending to publishers or self-publishing. There you can find information on contacting her, her current rates, etc.

Like to watch TV? You should go to TV Is My Pacifier. If you like what you see, be sure to donate. My wife puts a lot of work into pulling that passion project together so you can know what’s out there to watch, and could really use your support!

My services

  • Web Development – I pretty good at learning whatever system you use, but I have experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, Laravel, and PHP
  • Data Analyst – I am able to use tools like Power BI to monitor the KPIs that are important to you and your business, while helping you visualize both the current state of your business as well as how it’s doing over time. Maybe even a glimpse into a possible future (insert a myriad of caveats here).
  • Data Engineer – Do you need to get your data out of a number of sources and find a way to mesh it together so you can analyze it? Running into problems where the KPIs you need to track aren’t part of a normal business process? I might be able to help!

How much do I cost?

The short answer is it depends. These services can often feel out of reach for small businesses. Not sure if you can afford me? You’d probably be surprised, so let’s talk. I have been known to take fixed-cost work as well.

How does this work?

  • You can contact me and we’ll discuss the details of your project and costs. You’ll get an estimate through a service called Invoicely.
  • We’ll decide on how the billing should work – pay a portion at stages, or pay upon completion. Either way, you’ll be sent invoices or an invoice through Invoicely, and the terms will be spelled out in the invoice.
  • What if you need to cancel or have a problem with my work?
    • If you need to cancel before the project is completed, you need to cancel by email. Work done to date will be billed. Special circumstances often require special arrangements. I will try to treat you as I would want to be treated – when in doubt, ask.
    • If you need to reschedule the project – let’s talk. Work can often be placed on hold and picked up later, though that’s not ideal and may increase the cost. If the project is a good ways long, payment for the completed portion will be invoiced and payment expected unless other arrangements are made.
    • If I cancel the project? You get your money back, but can keep the work to date. What if I have special circumstances? I’ll talk to you and we’ll try to work something out that helps both parties.
    • What if you aren’t happy with my work? Well, the first thing is that you should definitely contact me so we can talk it over. There may have been something you requested I missed or did incorrectly – I’ll fix it. There may have been something that wasn’t clear in the original requirements or not even mentioned at all – we can figure it out and write up a project addendum. What about if you truly want all your money back after project completion, even though the requirements were met? Well, if you feel this way at any point in a project like these, you need to talk to the company and person doing the work right then. We can still talk about the possibility of making changes. But if you are dead set, and the work has been completed and meets the requirements, then there are no refunds. Work with me, and I’ll work with you.


As I mentioned, I use Invoicely, which is hooked up to Stripe for payment processing. This allows for payment by credit cards and is relatively straight forward, easy, and safe. These are companies who have much more in depth knowledge on how to keep your payment information safe and secure. Places I pay online use them, and I trust them there, so I trust them here. Invoice also allows for PayPal and bank transfers – if you would like to use those, we can make it happen.